Sunday, 27 December 2015

Philippines pt. 1 - The Journey and Manila

31st October, it was finally the day I flew off to paradise; the Philippines.
Prior to this, it required a ton of preparation. A lot of it was organised by my relatives and my mum, kudos to them. So all I needed to do was make sure I had everything packed and ready. Luckily, I live pretty near to Heathrow airport so it only took us a good fifteen minutes to drive there. Our flight was at 8 pm but seeing as this was my first holiday without my parents, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to check in and go through all the necessary security checks. So I left at around 4! Let me tell you that was the best decision I've ever made. 
Upon arriving to Heathrow, the 'digital' way to check-in wouldn't work. There was something wrong with the system which then required us to check in the manual (normal) way. Not long after I queued up to check in, a bunch of other people joined the queue. Actually there was a bit of conflict whilst we were there, someone missed their flight due to how long it took to queue and the failure of the electronics. Learning lesson for everyone, always check-in early enough to avoid rush and panic. Soon after we had plenty of time to roam around the airport and even eat. So whilst waiting Eric and I stayed at 'Eat' to watch a bit of Prison Break (Bringing an iPad or tablet with downloaded film comes in so handy at times like this), and just browsed around whatever shops were there. 

Monday, 14 December 2015

Date Night: Bibigo

Hello you guys! It has been a very long time. I will be providing you with long overdue updates on what's been happening recently. First, food!
November 29th 2014 was my first date with my boyfriend. We organised it beforehand, the cliche dinner and then cinema. He booked reservations (brownie points!) for 6:30pm which we luckily made  as he was late, to be fair it wasn't his fault. Also, we didn't know where the place was so he had to whip out his google maps and it took a good few minutes for us to realise we were going the wrong way. I wasn't aware of where he was taking me as it was a surprise but I did know it was Korean restaurant. After 10 minutes of trying to find the place, we were finally seated at Bibigo.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

All Fall Down

Happy Autumn fellow readers,
It's been a few weeks but I've always intended on ensuring that this blog always remain a hobby and not a chore. No excuses for my departure recently but the title explains the past few weeks perfectly 'All Fall Down'. Whilst it is related to Autumn (hence, 'Fall'), it also describes my recent personal life. The title kills two birds with one stone right? It might seem rather upsetting but I've learnt that sometimes you need to have these big disastrous experiences in order to fully move on and build yourself and your relationships. My priorities have been all over the place but no doubt, University has been at the top since the beginning of this academic year. This blog, is my passion but so is my education. I can guarantee however, that I'll always make time for this blog.

It's the middle of October already which is frightening yet exciting. Christmas is near and so is my holiday (more on that soon!). I've always known fall to consist of layers, boots, browns, leaves.etc but the transitioning phase is hard to adapt into my outfits. My stubbornness won't allow me to accept the need for coats just yet (I'll probably end up getting ill soon) but layering doesn't always necessarily mean coats.
This weekend, a beautiful sunny walk down East London fuelled my passion to blog and share once again. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bold and Red

Good afternoon fellow bloggers, 
I hope all is going well for you guys. It's back to Uni for me, I started my lectures yesterday. Already, I have some workload but I will get it done I WILL. Nevertheless, I refuse to allow the amount of work get in the way of my blogging. 

Something that I always tend to find tricky is styling a semi-formal or 'smart casual' outfit. I often feel that I either go too casual or too smart, there is no in-between. But after experimenting and giving it some thought, I finally managed to put it together. 
To me the name 'smart casual' entails at least some level of comfort seeing as it has a 'casual' element to it. Although, smart often means wearing heels too (I know, it's not always necessary) There's nothing comforting when it comes to wearing heels, how people manage to do it everyday I have no clue. I do know that I size down when it comes to heels since it fits me a lot better. Please enlighten me with advice on how to wear heels! How do you prevent your foot from feeling like it's getting trampled on by an elephant?
Other than that, this by far has been my favourite shoot. The lighting was just working with me "The lighting had me feeling some type of way", and I'm showing you guys an item that I wish to fill my wardrobe with - BLAZERS

Monday, 14 September 2015

What's In My Bag?

TGIF! It's finally the weekend. It's also finally September, where has this year gone?! Summer just flew by! For me, that also means University is starting very soon. I'm looking forward and ready to start second year. As you can see, I'm trying to maintain a positive outlook. I know some of you have started the school year already, I hope it's going well for you so far.

(Note: I did previously make a blog post about this but decided to update it as I wasn't quite satisfied with the quality of it)

Before my bag is filled with books, lecture slides notes, notebooks I thought I'd show you what's in my everyday handbag. I'm a nosy person (I prefer to use the word 'curious' though) and that means I have the habit of ogling and often wonder what's in someones handbag - make up? Dior sunglasses? KFC takeout? Anything. You never know what you'll find in a girl's handbag. I also learned a few things or two from 'What's in my bag?' videos/blog posts. Here I present to you my essentials that I could never leave the house without.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Lunch Date: The Breakfast Club

If you are a big food fanatic like me, then this is a must read. I always loved to eat, it's a hobby of mine actually. In fact, I love eating out whether it would be in a restaurant or someone else cooking for me. Basically, I don't like cooking my own food because I can guarantee that 99% of the time it will turn out to be a disaster (a little bit of an over exaggeration); anyhow there's still hope as I'm still learning. I do make a mean spaghetti, not going to lie.

Previously I lived in a restricted area; we only had the standard KFC, McDonalds and the odd Chinese restaurant. Since moving to London, I was bombarded with all these new restaurants. I'd never heard of GBK, The Diner, Carluccio's... you can literally find so many cultures (of food) in one street!

It gets incredibly overwhelming so I thought I would help out anyone who does and doesn't live in London to try out these new food places. I initially got the idea to go to The Breakfast Club from my friend Jessica who runs her own blog Food and Baker. Me and Eric (my photographer/boyfriend) love to explore and eat out in  new, different places, so why not document them right? 
Welcome to the beginning of my food diary!

First up, The Breakfast Club

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Review: Naked Palette 3

Good morning, there's finally some sun in London after a rainy few days. I don't know about you but good weather instantly puts me in a good mood. But so does this eyeshadow palette. 
This palette brings me all sorts of joy. Not only does it have all the pretty shades of pink (my favourite colour) but it ranges from matte to shimmery. Whatever colour you choose to combine it with, I can guarantee that it'll pair together perfectly.
This is the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Shoreditch Arts, Food and Markets

Shoreditch, very well known for its hipster scenery and wow did I love it. I'd been longing to go for ages. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, whether it would live up to the hype and it did. As soon as you stepped out of the station, I was greeted with so much art
It made me so excited just to see all this creativity in the flesh. What made it so special was that it wasn't on an ordinary canvas but a huge wall. I wondered how people managed to do this, it opened my eyes to the artistic talents people have out there.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Monochrome In Summer

There's been a hint of sunshine recently which meant taking the opportunity to do another OOTD. It's 'show-your-legs' season but unfortunately, it hasn't been hot enough for me to substitute my trousers/leggings/jeans for shorts and skirts. THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME.
I couldn't detach myself from the black and white choice of clothing yet but I was willing to compromise and added a splash of colour to my look today.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Touch Of Nude

Hi darlings! It's about time that I posted something fashion related. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been that great this week BUT, I was determined to shoot AND post one. So here you go! A quick casual OOTD.
It isn't very summery considering as 80% of the outfit is black and white. However, I did manage to incorporate some shades of browns into it. I just can't seem to tear myself away from neutral tones!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Kyoto Garden

A boring sunny day in London often entails either Netflix all day (thus wasting an entire day) or actually getting out of bed and exploring. To break out of my lazy habits, I decided to visit a place I'd heard so much about. For starters, it's such a prestigious area. The houses were huge! I would definitely consider it as one of the wealthy areas of London. I was honestly in awe and all I could think was "goals"(I didn't take any pictures of the houses, that would have been slightly creepy). After trekking past all the beautiful, expensive houses we finally found Holland Park.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Favourites

What better way to start July than reflect on the month of June? it's strongly advised not to dwell on the past. However, perhaps this case is an exception.
June has been a relaxing month. However, recently the heat has become almost unbearable. If you don't live in Britain, anything above 20 degrees is foreign to us (Okay this may be a bit of an over exaggeration). So I've been looking for make-up that wouldn't melt off my face after 15 minutes.  From make-up to skincare and shoes, here you go!
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