Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Touch Of Nude

Hi darlings! It's about time that I posted something fashion related. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been that great this week BUT, I was determined to shoot AND post one. So here you go! A quick casual OOTD.
It isn't very summery considering as 80% of the outfit is black and white. However, I did manage to incorporate some shades of browns into it. I just can't seem to tear myself away from neutral tones!

I'm really into this sleeveless waistcoat, I've seen a couple of people wear it and I was eager to find one and let me tell you how expensive they are *tear tear*. It's most definitely worth it and adds a classy touch. Oh and you can also tie the waistcoat! This is most definitely suited for Summer, it's not too thick and since it's not that warm here, it's good to have an extra layer.

Watch - Aldo
Rings - H&M
Bag - Michael Kors
(I think you can just about tell how much I wear this bag that the top bit is actually drooping)
Top - Levis
Waistcoat - Boutique
Jeans - H&M
Sandal Heels - H&M

The only downside to this outfit was the comfort of those heels. Except for today, I've only ever worn it twice - clubbing and to an interview. Both times my feet ended up in great pain and at least one blister. They're just so pretty I couldn't resist!
I have plenty more posts coming up soon, and even a few collaborations with some of my fellow fashion blogging/YouTuber flatmates.
Hope you all enjoyed!
(P.s excuse my terrible roots)

Much love,


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