Monday, 27 July 2015

Kyoto Garden

A boring sunny day in London often entails either Netflix all day (thus wasting an entire day) or actually getting out of bed and exploring. To break out of my lazy habits, I decided to visit a place I'd heard so much about. For starters, it's such a prestigious area. The houses were huge! I would definitely consider it as one of the wealthy areas of London. I was honestly in awe and all I could think was "goals"(I didn't take any pictures of the houses, that would have been slightly creepy). After trekking past all the beautiful, expensive houses we finally found Holland Park.
Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to go around and explore the entire park so we went straight to Kyoto Garden. There were cute little benches around the park for people to appreciate the view and areas for picnics (Definitely a good place for dates or family day outs) It's something free, new and refreshing to visit. 
Not that London doesn't have nice places, but as soon as you stepped foot into Kyoto Garden it felt like you were in a completely different country. It's not massively known as of yet, however I feel  that's what makes it even more special and unique. 

The one thing I adore about London is the culture diversity. Coming from Wales, I was restricted in terms of my lack of knowledge about other cultures. I knew about my own, Welsh, Scottish, English and Irish heritages (and the a little bit about the African heritage) but that was essentially it. I'm the type of person that has a thirst for knowledge, I like to observe and listen to other people; especially if it's about their life. So since moving to London I've been flooded with so much information about different cultures. Living in halls of residence certainly helped, eleven of us were all from different backgrounds. For example, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, Nigerian, Iranian.etc I owe it to my University for being known as an international university really... 
It's not just people but the places and the food here. You learn different things everywhere you go (Read my previous post about Haggerston to find out more!)
I learnt a bit about the Japanese culture and tradition just by visiting this garden. 

Possibly my favourite aspect of this garden, this waterfall feature. 

I hope this encourages you guys to go out and explore. Even to just take a walk. Tearing your eyes away from a computer/iPhone screen for a few hours will do you a favour!

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