Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bold and Red

Good afternoon fellow bloggers, 
I hope all is going well for you guys. It's back to Uni for me, I started my lectures yesterday. Already, I have some workload but I will get it done I WILL. Nevertheless, I refuse to allow the amount of work get in the way of my blogging. 

Something that I always tend to find tricky is styling a semi-formal or 'smart casual' outfit. I often feel that I either go too casual or too smart, there is no in-between. But after experimenting and giving it some thought, I finally managed to put it together. 
To me the name 'smart casual' entails at least some level of comfort seeing as it has a 'casual' element to it. Although, smart often means wearing heels too (I know, it's not always necessary) There's nothing comforting when it comes to wearing heels, how people manage to do it everyday I have no clue. I do know that I size down when it comes to heels since it fits me a lot better. Please enlighten me with advice on how to wear heels! How do you prevent your foot from feeling like it's getting trampled on by an elephant?
Other than that, this by far has been my favourite shoot. The lighting was just working with me "The lighting had me feeling some type of way", and I'm showing you guys an item that I wish to fill my wardrobe with - BLAZERS

Monday, 14 September 2015

What's In My Bag?

TGIF! It's finally the weekend. It's also finally September, where has this year gone?! Summer just flew by! For me, that also means University is starting very soon. I'm looking forward and ready to start second year. As you can see, I'm trying to maintain a positive outlook. I know some of you have started the school year already, I hope it's going well for you so far.

(Note: I did previously make a blog post about this but decided to update it as I wasn't quite satisfied with the quality of it)

Before my bag is filled with books, lecture slides notes, notebooks I thought I'd show you what's in my everyday handbag. I'm a nosy person (I prefer to use the word 'curious' though) and that means I have the habit of ogling and often wonder what's in someones handbag - make up? Dior sunglasses? KFC takeout? Anything. You never know what you'll find in a girl's handbag. I also learned a few things or two from 'What's in my bag?' videos/blog posts. Here I present to you my essentials that I could never leave the house without.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Lunch Date: The Breakfast Club

If you are a big food fanatic like me, then this is a must read. I always loved to eat, it's a hobby of mine actually. In fact, I love eating out whether it would be in a restaurant or someone else cooking for me. Basically, I don't like cooking my own food because I can guarantee that 99% of the time it will turn out to be a disaster (a little bit of an over exaggeration); anyhow there's still hope as I'm still learning. I do make a mean spaghetti, not going to lie.

Previously I lived in a restricted area; we only had the standard KFC, McDonalds and the odd Chinese restaurant. Since moving to London, I was bombarded with all these new restaurants. I'd never heard of GBK, The Diner, Carluccio's... you can literally find so many cultures (of food) in one street!

It gets incredibly overwhelming so I thought I would help out anyone who does and doesn't live in London to try out these new food places. I initially got the idea to go to The Breakfast Club from my friend Jessica who runs her own blog Food and Baker. Me and Eric (my photographer/boyfriend) love to explore and eat out in  new, different places, so why not document them right? 
Welcome to the beginning of my food diary!

First up, The Breakfast Club
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