Tuesday, 13 October 2015

All Fall Down

Happy Autumn fellow readers,
It's been a few weeks but I've always intended on ensuring that this blog always remain a hobby and not a chore. No excuses for my departure recently but the title explains the past few weeks perfectly 'All Fall Down'. Whilst it is related to Autumn (hence, 'Fall'), it also describes my recent personal life. The title kills two birds with one stone right? It might seem rather upsetting but I've learnt that sometimes you need to have these big disastrous experiences in order to fully move on and build yourself and your relationships. My priorities have been all over the place but no doubt, University has been at the top since the beginning of this academic year. This blog, is my passion but so is my education. I can guarantee however, that I'll always make time for this blog.

It's the middle of October already which is frightening yet exciting. Christmas is near and so is my holiday (more on that soon!). I've always known fall to consist of layers, boots, browns, leaves.etc but the transitioning phase is hard to adapt into my outfits. My stubbornness won't allow me to accept the need for coats just yet (I'll probably end up getting ill soon) but layering doesn't always necessarily mean coats.
This weekend, a beautiful sunny walk down East London fuelled my passion to blog and share once again. 
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