Tuesday, 13 October 2015

All Fall Down

Happy Autumn fellow readers,
It's been a few weeks but I've always intended on ensuring that this blog always remain a hobby and not a chore. No excuses for my departure recently but the title explains the past few weeks perfectly 'All Fall Down'. Whilst it is related to Autumn (hence, 'Fall'), it also describes my recent personal life. The title kills two birds with one stone right? It might seem rather upsetting but I've learnt that sometimes you need to have these big disastrous experiences in order to fully move on and build yourself and your relationships. My priorities have been all over the place but no doubt, University has been at the top since the beginning of this academic year. This blog, is my passion but so is my education. I can guarantee however, that I'll always make time for this blog.

It's the middle of October already which is frightening yet exciting. Christmas is near and so is my holiday (more on that soon!). I've always known fall to consist of layers, boots, browns, leaves.etc but the transitioning phase is hard to adapt into my outfits. My stubbornness won't allow me to accept the need for coats just yet (I'll probably end up getting ill soon) but layering doesn't always necessarily mean coats.
This weekend, a beautiful sunny walk down East London fuelled my passion to blog and share once again. 

This sleeveless waistcoat has become a favourite of mine this month. You may recognise it from a previous post, yes I am still unsure of where it was purchased. I am in love with the simplicity of it and the tailored collar makes the outfit look so sophisticated. You have the option of tying the waistcoat up, which I don't normally do, but I use this as an extra. Thus, I don't want it to hide the rest of my outfit. 
Another familiar item is this bag from H&M. I've also been using this frequently - to lectures and on casual day outs. It's perfect when it comes to carrying lots of or big items, I was able to fit in my laptop, notebook, camera, food and all my essentials at once. This is especially relevant now due to the recent introduction of the 5p plastic bag charge. The leather is fairly thick therefore, it ensures durability and  this is imperative. I need a reliable bag that won't break so easily when I fit in more than one heavy item. 
These babies are from Missguided which I have been lusting over. You can't see the full detail of these shoes exactly but these classy, pointed toe flats definitely add something extra to the outfit. The detailing and pattern of the shoe lace is unique. It's definitely a very popular item right now as I have seen so many people wearing them. There was no need for me to break them in either which is a plus! However, since it is suede I must avoid wearing them in the rain. 

My sheer blouse is from Primark. I've had it for a while but be cautious about the type of bra you wear underneath as the colour and shape will look obvious if you choose to wear something neon (by all means, it's your choice. Just a word of warning). It's a very thin material and I'm very fond of the way the buttons are covered, gives the blouse an extra touch of elegance.

For a while I struggled to find leggings that were thick enough to substitute for my black jeans. It needed to be high waisted too... Zara answered my prayers and introduced me to these leggings that I wear religiously. It fits me so well and it's also pretty stretchy which provides me with way more comfort than jeans. I'm not exactly sure whether the term 'leggings' is the correct way to describe this but it's similar to Jeggings.

Somehow along our walk, there was a bunch of artwork that made me smile. There were humorous graphic images and complimentary messages. I've always wondered if artists were authorised to do stuff like this, not that I see it as a bad thing. No in fact, it's a wonderful thing. Just how do they go about doing it? I'm intrigued about the process of it all.

Don't ever let anyone make you feel like your problems don't matter or that you're overreacting. You're a human being with the freedom to feel whatever you feel. But never allow the negativity to consume you, you are much stronger than that. I hope that you do find that ability and strength to smile. The artwork on the last picture made me giggle a little. 
Always work hard and don't ever allow any baggage or problem flip your priorities. 

Quote of the week:
"I need you to decide if you love me more than you hate what I did"
- Rachel, Suits.

Yours truly,
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  1. It's so hard to find a balance with all of the responsibilities we have in life, especially as students. So glad you're keeping University your top priority though! Your style makes me so jealous! I love that you threw in some life advice and things in with a style post. This was honestly such a great read, definitely my favorite post of yours! Also, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award in my latest post. :)

    Foundations of My Life

    1. Aww you absolute sweetie! thanks so much.
      Yeah definitely, it's always good to provide some sort of advice! Lots of love! xox

  2. I can't believe it's nearly Christmas and the end of the year! Seriously, I thought it was just January a moment ago. XD

    I know, I struggle with all the responsibilities in my life, and I've been having a harder time doing it lately, but I believe in myself and the strength I have. I believe in you too!


    1. I know, time has flown by!
      Aw thanks so much love, really appreciate it. Yeah I'm managing my time a lot more better now. xox

  3. I'm actually not a fan of leggings, mostly because they don't fit my style. I need a different and more adultish style, than what I've been sporting. This style that I've been sporting, people can't tell my real age. Which is probably a good thing. Anyways, I love the murals on the walls. I know the responsibilities of life all too well. Homework, College, Blog, and Life in general all have me bogged down with worries. I can hack it though.

    1. I understand the struggles with leggings, it makes me cringe when they're too sheer!
      I'm glad! I'm still learning how to handle all of this stuff, but I'm getting there xox

  4. love the long vest!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  5. love the shots, the outfit and the backgrounf. great post! :)

  6. Beautiful outfits and wonderful pictures : ) I understand you perfectly: it's difficult to combine studies with something else, but at the same time it is important to have clear priorities, keep doing it so well ; )


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