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Date Night: Valentines Day at Bob Bob Ricard

Hello readers,
At last my first Valentines day post has arrived. This is regarding to the beautiful restaurant we dined at, Bob Bob Ricard. Eric was actually the one who found it and booked it for us (bonus points), later on I discovered it was on my list of 'Restaurants to go to', so when I looked it up again I was so excited to go. Normally we like to try out different Asian cuisines, so this was different as it was a combination of English and Russian food.

Before I jump straight onto the food, I have to highlight the aesthetics of this restaurant. Personally, I absolutely adored the gold and pink details (but that's because if you know me, you'll know that I love the colour pink) It was just so classy and elegant. The gold accents and the curtains just gave me connotations of royalty and everything fitted well together. There wasn't too much detail but it was also far from minimalistic.

Unfortunately, I'm not a very big fan of champagne therefore I didn't get to 'press for champagne'. The waiter served us with champagne however, when we were deciding on what food to order. It was fairly strong but also fruity, so I didn't mind it too much.

Siberian Pelmeni with Beef Tea
Initially, this tasted quite nice. I was surprised to see they had dumplings there! Apparently, this was a Russian dish though. After eating two I couldn't have anymore, one of the ingredients within he dumplings was lamb and I am not a big fan of lamb thus, I couldn't handle it. Eric did however, manage to finish off the lot!
Grilled Oysters De Gaulle
This was the first time I had oysters grilled, it was so so so delicious. I wish we ordered more! I loved the cheesy creamy filling inside. 
Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with a side of sweetcorn

I'm a big fan of macaroni and cheese, so I was incredibly eager to try it out with lobster. It may appear to be a small portion but I was full after going through half of the dish! I do have to emphasise how strong the cheese is, so there were times it got a little bit too much.
Chicken Kiev
This looked and tasted delicious, it was what Eric opted for. By the end of it he was very much so full, he also managed to scoff down what was left of my macaroni and cheese.
Strawberries and Cream Souffle

Chocolate fondant
Even though we were full, we wanted to go all out. If anything, I was more excited to try out the dessert. I was so torn between the chocolate fondant and the strawberry souffle. For a change, I chose the strawberry souffle, which I devoured. The strawberry was so rich and soft! It literally made hearts pop out of my eyes.
As for the chocolate fondant (Eric's dessert) although it was equally as tasty, the chocolate was too strong for Eric's taste buds so he wasn't such a big fan of it.

Overall, I loved this restaurant. The service and the food were all 5* which explains why it has such good reviews, I do recommend it. Although, I do have to mention that it is an expensive restaurant, thus expect a pricey menu. It is however, very much so worth the money. I'll definitely be returning in the near future!

Valentines Day was a special day for myself and my other half, we tried out new food (one of our favourite things to do together) and experienced Madame Tussauds, which surprisingly turned out to be really fun. It's important to remember however, that we must not use Valentines day as an excuse to appreciate the ones we love. If anything, Valentines day should be every single day! It doesn't have to consist of fancy dinners, just show your appreciation and love!
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  1. Ooo, looks like you had a lovely time! You always go to the best places! :D


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