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Pho House

I'm back with another restaurant review, last year my boyfriend and I found ourselves relying on my good friends - Jess and James - blog to decide where to eat. Gone are the days where we'd spend hours debating -"I don't know, it's up to you" or "I don't mind". We're always up for trying new food. This time we were interested in trying out a Vietnamese restaurant. 

Vietnamese cuisines are known for their delicious 'pho', we've only ever had it home-made. That was enough to convince us to try out one of the many Vietnamese restaurants in Hoxton.
Along Kingsland Road, you'll find at least five vietnamese restaurants within 30 seconds. So it was a little overwhelming on which one to choose.
I have to admit, my decision was based on 'judging a book by its cover'. In this instance, it was actually a good thing.

Fortunately, we were one of the first to arrive (all the restaurants along this road's opening times on a Saturday was 12pm) so we got to choose where to sit.
I was overly impressed by the interior, it was quirky but modern. I have to say, my favourite part was the drawing of the Pho (above) adorable yet fitting.

"Good laughs, good wines, good friends, good times. But most of all a truly good place to dine"

Upon ordering our food we were given prawn crackers for free, Eric dipped his in sriracha sauce; he loves adding spicy sauces onto his food. Whereas, I was perfectly happy without any sauces (boring, I know)

Crispy Salt and Chilli Prawns

Normally, we don't order starters since we know that we're going to end up partly full by the time we get our mains. We couldn't resist but ordering the crispy salt and chilli prawns!
Although it was delicious, I don't think it justified how much it was - £8.50. 
I did expect to get a little bit more than what was given to us. Nevertheless, it was perhaps unrealistic of me to assume that prawn would be cheaper than £5.

Banh Da Cua

I was feeling rather adventurous and seriously craving crab so I chose the Banh Da Cua dish, according to their website it contains 'crab noodle soup, a specialty from the northern port city of hai phong, served with our special homemade pork balls, prawns and pork wrapped in betel leaves'
I have to say, for the price that it was and the amount that I received, it was more than worth it. Sadly, I didn't get to finish it because I was so full (Yes, I did regret it and had one of those moments when you think about the food you could have had when you're hungry)

Pho House Special

Eric opted for the Pho House Special which contains 'beef brisket, beef balls, chicken, rare beef and egg'; arguably a classic. After having a taste of my banh da cua, he preferred my dish. 
If you're trying Pho for the first time, I would advise to choose this dish. It's basic (as I mentioned, classic) yet tasty!
ALSO, with the amount of vegetables you're getting in your dish, it's healthy.

We were both incredibly pleased with the food, customer service and environment. We'd definitely recommend and hope to return again soon.

Check out the Pho House - they have a restaurant in Hoxton and Highbury.

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  1. Awww what a babe mentioning us! Thank you!
    This looks so pretty and the food sounds and looks so so good! We'll Defo give this place a try, or we could always double date there soon pls!

    Jessica & James |


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