Friday, 21 April 2017

Mind Your Own Business!

"Get your sh*t together" ah, that overused phrase we repeatedly remind ourselves in times of despair. It got me thinking, what does it actually mean? Does anyone actually have their life together? I beg to differ.

Everyone fights their own battle every day, but people don't normally show it. So instead, we just see the end result. When there's pictures of someone on holiday, we're unaware of the hours they spend at work in order to save up for it. Or, a picture of a married couple smiling on Instagram hardly shows the difficulties and effort they put into the relationship. What does ignorance of the process result in? a delusion that everything comes easy.

For three weeks in March, I stopped going on social media. This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Why? I stopped focusing on what other people were doing and invested my energy into improving myself instead; whether this was spending more time doing my dissertation or catching up with my friends over a coffee instead of texts. Essentially, I minded my own business

It's really unfortunate to see how social media has influenced us to become less social, ironic right? The truth is, social media isn't to blame for this. The entire purpose of social media is to connect, it's entirely down to us to decide whether we choose to take a narrow-minded approach when we use it. What I mean by this is that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.etc doesn't show the bigger picture, we've got to take everything we see and read with a pinch of salt. It's unfair for us to assume that someone lives a stress-free life, you can't depict their entire life via their Facebook page.

Without confirmation or evidence, assumption is nothing but ideas we form in our heads; useless ideas. When you do see people succeeding on social media, how does it make you feel? jealous? worthless? That's another significant factor that ties into this delusion. Because we may not be achieving things at the same rate as other people, it can somehow lead us to believe that we're doing something wrong in our lives. When in fact, we're still progressing.

I've always believed that success is down to a mixture of time, effort and consistency. Why allow yourself to be knocked down by a post on social media? Whenever I see someone succeeding on my timeline, it makes me feel happy knowing that they're achieving their dreams. This is because I know that I have different goals and I'll achieve those when the time is right; given that I'm putting my all into it every single day. It's unreasonable for me to compare my life to someone else because we have different lives. And to compete with other peoples lives is no doubt a losing battle.

Nobody really has their life together, we're continuously working towards what we want.  So, mind your own business' focus on you and do you. This will enable you to see what's truly important and thus, you're likely to achieve your goals quicker.
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  1. Love this post and outfit Micah!

    1. Thank you b! I'm waiting for your new post!

    2. Ouch! That touched me a bit, anyway keep inspiring you really inherited my intellect lol....

    3. I love this post Micah 馃槏I completely agree with your point on social media. It's dangerous for us to think that we know all about a person based on their social media pages, like you said, people hide things especially the bad. Who wants to post about the fights in their relationships online? No one really.

      "When there's pictures of someone on holiday, we're unaware of the hours they spend at work in order to save up for it." THIS. When I went on a 3 week holiday, a lot of people had messaged me saying that I have "the perfect life" and that I must be "loaded with money" because I was travelling to 4 different countries in a short period of time. But in actual fact, I didn't talk about how much I had to work for the money to fund it. I didn't talk about some hours of my spare time I had to use to get money to pay for the flights, hotels and the money to use there. Budgeting was a pain too and stressful, but I don't explicitly tell everyone that on Instagram.

      Minding your own business to focus on you. YAS. What a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing <3 It's so empowering 馃挭馃徏And hopefully makes people more mindful of the effects of social media.

      Side note: This was one of my favourite looks from you. FREAKING ICONIC.

  2. Loving this post and that outfit! Such a great read and love the honesty!

    Jessica & James |

  3. Replies
    1. Ah you're such a sweetheart, thank you! xo

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