Sunday, 31 March 2019

“Superwoman” AKA MY MUM

This is my mum.

She is known as a friend, nurse, work colleague to everyone but to me and my family she is superwoman.

After years of rebelling and thinking I knew better, I swallowed my pride and admit that your mum does know what’s best. It’s funny because as I get older, the more I am able to understand my mum and realise how much she does for our family.

The way my mum grew up is very different to how me and my sisters have. For starters, we’ve grown up in a different country. The reason why we’re here due to the career my mum pursued in nursing. 

She has worked in different parts of the world – Libya, Philippines and now the UK.

It has always intrigued me how my mum was brave enough to pack up her belongings and move to another country. Heck, I found the move from Wales to London stressful enough. Every now and then, I need to go back to Wales to breathe in cleaner air and re-gain my sanity. 

So, as a dedication to her for mother’s day I wanted you all to know just how much of a fantastic mother she is. She has worked so hard to get to where she currently is. I’m sure that if you were to ask any of her colleagues, they would tell you about the amount of overtime she works.

I decided to ask my mum a bunch of questions related to her career and how she got to where she is now. 


“What sparked your interest within the nursing career?”

My mum has always wanted me to become a nurse, which I was initially unsure of.
When it was my high school graduation, she suddenly died due to the hospital’s negligence. At that moment, I felt that I was obligated to fulfil her wish. 

“Why did you choose to move and work in the UK?”

In 2000, the UK had a massive recruitment for nurses which I applied to. I also submitted an application to work in the US. So, whichever application result came back first. The US took a while to process our papers and my application to the UK was accepted first. I did not wait for the results of my US application, so I took a gamble and came to the UK. The main reason was due to the financial stability, the salary you get as a nurse in the Philippines is not very much. I already gave birth to Micah and Mizpah at the time and I wanted a better life for our family in the future.

“Was it difficult leaving the Philippines and your family behind? How did you feel?”

I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect.
Obviously, there was a culture shock because the environment was new and I didn’t really know anyone. 
It was difficult to be by myself and at the time you and Mizpah were still very small. I worried about you day and night. 
I eventually adjusted well in the UK but it felt lonely at night because I missed your dad, you and your sister and everyone else in the Philippines.
At the time, there was no social media. There was just texting and telephone calls which as you can imagine, costs a lot of money.

“What’s the most difficult part of your job?”

Whilst a majority of patients are incredibly grateful for what you do, there are also those who do not think we are doing enough.
Sometimes, you’ll be sworn at or called horrible names. You’ve got to brush it off and not take it personally. 
Furthermore, I don’t think the media has been helpful as they write a lot of mean stories about nurses and doctors that are untrue. This paints us in a bad light. 

“What’s the best part of your job?”

The job satisfaction.
It’s the feeling that you help someone every day and they are appreciative and thankful of our effort. A nurse is not only a job but a selfless vocation. 


Whilst this is only a preview into how great my mother is and a glimpse into her background, she works incredibly hard (as well as my dad of course). 

We are grateful for you and now that we are all growing up, we will continue to spoil you and papa.


We love you.
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